Words are not just words, lest we forget, a coach gets life in prison and a priest gets relocated…

Sunday, July, 8th, 2012

A re-post of an FACT FILLED BLOG POST that I came across, I wish I had written it but, my sentiment is yet to come. So read on and take a stand…

Monday, 7 March, 2011emblem of the Papacy: Triple tiara and keys Fr...


March 04, 2011
by Michael Hoffman
“Alas, Most Holy Father! At times obedience to you leads to eternal damnation.”
~ St. Catherine of Siena, Letter to Pope Gregory IX, A.D. 1376
After all the papal rhetoric and the penitential scene in Dublin, Ireland in January where Catholic prelates dramatically “lay prostrate” on the floor of St. Mary’s Cathedral (in preference to the floor of a jail cell), to “show forth their profound remorse,” in an “act of contrition” which “went to unusual lengths to involve victims and to gaze unflinchingly at their suffering” ~ comes another can of worms, this one out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (see report, below), to be followed, surely, by more rhetoric, lament and “unflinching gazes.”

The Roman Catholic Churchis, in certain respects, especially at the top of the obelisk, a secret society, and shares with all other such fraternities, the lack of accountability which their secrecy affords.

This, together with cooperation from corrupt prosecutors (as in Los Angeles, where the notorious criminal Cardinal Roger Mahony was allowed to slither into luxurious retirement scott-free), and Boston (where the notorious criminal Cardinal Bernard Law was allowed to flee “south of the border” to luxurious outlaw refuge in Vatican City, where “Blessed Pope John Paul the Great” made him arch-priest of a basilica), guarantees that more Catholic boys will be preyed upon.

Why aren’t there thousands of protesting priests and nuns filling St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City, like the crowds in Cairo and Tripoli, demanding that the Vatican molestation imperium be cleaned out with an iron broom, beginning with Pope Benedict himself?

The nauseating complacency from clerics, religious and laity is overwhelming testimony to systemic apathy and moral rot.
What could be worse than an institutionalized assault on the chastity of children, in the name of Jesus Christ’s Church, across decades, including, as in Ireland, long before Vatican Council II?
Many Catholics can’t face this as effectively and militantly as they should, because to do so would call into question keystones of the papal monarchy itself (and that’s what it is, an elected monarchy, with the pope as absolute sovereign and the clerical mafia that surrounds him serving as the royalty).
As in Orthodox Judaism, where clear lines of hierarchical distinction are drawn between the superior Holy People and the inferior gentiles, a traditional Catholic priest once divulged to this writer the secret gnosis that was imparted to him, that the souls of priests are higher than those of all other souls in God’s eyes, due to their ordination as priests.
On the basis of that erroneous theology, on Sept. 8, 2001, Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, in his office as “Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy” with oversight of priests worldwide, wrote a letter to a French bishop congratulating him for protecting a molester-priest from the French police. Hoyos called Bishop Pierre Pican of Bayeux-Lisieux in northern France, a model for all bishops for his handling of the case:
“You have acted well and I am pleased to have a colleague in the episcopate who, in the eyes of history and of all other bishops in the world, preferred prison to denouncing his son and priest.”
(Cardinal Hoyos defended himself by saying that his letter to Bishop Pican was sent at the behest of Blessed Pope John Paul the Great).The “higher souled” priest who preyed on youth, could not be exposed to the kind of negative publicity and prosecution that you or I would face if we were found guilty of these heinous acts; hence, the superior-souled priest must be shielded, Hoyos ruled.Cardinal Hoyos remains a hero to traditional Catholics and he has been defended from the controversy which his letter generated by traditional Bishop Bernard Fellay. Hoyos is President Emeritus of the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei,” which was allegedly formed for  for the regularization of the Latin Tridentine Mass. He is currently honored with the post of “Cardinal-Priestof SS. Nome di Maria al Foro Traiano.”In advocating a cover-up, Hoyos exhibited the operating logic of every freemasonry, every synagogue and every mafia on earth that protects its guilty members. Until the cover-up policy is overthrown by a radical reform of Vatican bureaucratic secrecy, nothing will changewith regard to Catholic child predation, except that the ritual gestures and malarkey from the pope (who seated Mahony in a place of honor during the recent papal visit to the cathedral at Washington D.C.), will increase in melodrama and frequency.It is too bad that prosecutors in the West have never once slapped the cuffs on a child predation-facilitating bishop or cardinal and perp-walked him to jail with the cameras rolling. Maybe then, faced with life imprisonment, someone like Mahony would finally, for once in his life, stop lying, and someone like Bishop Skylstad of Spokane, Washington, would finally recover from his remarkable, prolonged amnesia about what parishioners testified to him concerning molester priests. Until then, the “princes” of the Church enjoy continued worldwide immunity from prosecution. Coincidence or conspiracy?Until the Roman Catholic Church stops being a secret society, until priests are made aware that their souls are inherently no higher or better than the soul of any other sinner, and until cops, judges and prosecutors begin to do their jobs and enforce the law without favoritism, Catholic children will continue to be molested in the Church that bears the sacred name of Jesus Christ. What could be more demonic?
Hoffman’s writing and research are entirely reader-funded, through donations and the sale of his books, newsletters and broadcasts.
By Katherine Q. Seelye
March 4, 2011
Three weeks after a scathing grand jury report accused the Philadelphia Archdiocese of providing safe haven for as many as 37 priests who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior toward minors, most of those priests remain active in the ministry.The possibility that even one predatory priest, not to mention three dozen, might still be serving in parishes ~ “on duty in the archdiocese today, with open access to new young prey,” as the grand jury put it ~ has unnerved many Roman Catholics here and sent the church reeling in the latest and one of the most damning episodes in the American church since it became engulfed in the sexual abuse scandal nearly a decade ago.The extent of the scandal here, including a cover-up that the grand jury said stretched over many years, is so great that Philadelphia is “Boston reborn,” said David J. O’Brien, who teaches Catholic history at the University of Dayton, referring to the archdiocese where widespread sexual abuse exploded in public in 2002.
Some parishioners say they feel discouraged and are caught in a wave of anxiety, even as they continue to attend Mass. “It’s a tough day to be a faith-filled Catholic,” Maria Shultz, 43, a secretary at Immaculata University, said after Mass last weekend at St. Joseph’s Church in suburban Downingtown. But Mrs. Shultz, who has four daughters, expressed no doubt about how the church should deal with the 37 priests. “They should be removed immediately,” she said.The church has not explained directly why these priests, most of whom were not publicly identified, are still active, though it is under intense pressure to do so. Cardinal Justin Rigali initially said there were no active priests with substantiated allegations against them, but six days later, he placed three of them, whose activities had been described in detail by the grand jury, on administrative leave. He also hired an outside lawyer, Gina Maisto Smith, a former assistant district attorney who had prosecuted child sexual assault cases for 15 years, to lead a re-examination of the cases.“There is a tremendous sense of urgency here,” Mrs. Smith said in an interview this week at the archdiocese, where she said she and a team had been working around the clock, without interference from the church hierarchy. “They’ve given me the freedom and the independence to conduct a thorough review,” she said, with “unfettered access to files.” She added that announcements about her initial review would be coming “sooner rather than later.” “The urgency is to respond to that concern over the 37, what that means, how that number was derived and what to do in response to it,” she said.Philadelphia is unusual in that the archdiocese has been the subject of not one but two grand jury reports. The first, in 2005, found credible accusations of abuse by 63 priests, whose activities had been covered up by the church. But there were no indictments, mainly because the statute of limitations had expired. This time, the climate is different.When the grand jury issued its report on Feb. 10, the district attorney immediately indicted two priests, a parochial school teacher and one who had left the priesthood, on charges of rape He also indicted a high-ranking church official on charges of endangering the welfare of children ~ the first time the courts have reached into the church hierarchy in the sex scandal in the United States.  (May God bless this prosecutor ~ Hoffman). All four are due in court on March 14.When the archdiocese learns of reports of sexual abuse, it is now supposed to report them to the district attorney, which is what led to the most recent grand jury investigation. Extensions on the statute of limitations also made prosecutions possible this time. But even with these changes, some were surprised to see the grand jury paint a picture of a church where serious problems still festered. “The thing that is significant about Philadelphia is the assumption that the authorities had made changes and the system had been fixed,” said Terence McKiernan, the president of BishopAccountability.org, which archives documents from the abuse scandal in dioceses across the country. “But the headline is that in Philadelphia, the system is still broke.”The grand jury said 20 of the active priests were accused of sexual abuse and 17 others were accused of “inappropriate behavior with minors.” In response, Cardinal Rigali issued a statement the day of the report, saying, “I assure all the faithful that there are no archdiocesan priests in ministry today who have an admitted or established allegation of sexual abuse of a minor against them.”
The phrasing spoke directly to the church’s policy of “zero tolerance” of priests who sexually abuse minors. If any active priests have such allegations against them, the policy calls for their suspension until the charges are resolved. Still, six days later, he placed three priests on administrative leave ~ a tacit acknowledgment that perhaps there were priests facing such accusations.Leonard Norman Primiano, a Roman Catholic who heads the department of religious studies at Cabrini College in suburban Radnor, said he was surprised that the archdiocese had not moved more quickly to suspend the 37 priests, given the “zero tolerance” policy. “It’s astonishing that they wouldn’t be as vigilant about placing a priest in a parish on leave if there were any question about that priest’s activity,” he said, acknowledging that a suspension could be devastating for a priest who is falsely accused.The uncertain fate of the 37 active priests, whose names the archdiocese turned over to the district attorney, all but guarantees a continuing spectacle here. So do the indictments, a flurry of civil suits against the church, the continued stepping forward of victims and the potential for courtroom drama.Three weeks into the scandal, the archdiocese said it was not clear how much the revelations had hurt attendance at Mass and donations. Daniel E. Thomas, an auxiliary bishop of Philadelphia, said he had heard both sides: some parishioners were attending church more to pray for the victims and “the good priests, the faithful priests,” and some have told him, “We’re angry, we’re confused and we’re distressed.”He also said that some priests had told him that donations were not down but that he was aware of “at least a few people who have said, ‘I’m not going to be giving to the church’ ” and that some were not fulfilling their pledges to give to the church’s capital campaign. He said money for the capital campaign goes specifically to help the church fulfill its charitable mission; it cannot go toward the defense of priests or legal fees, he said, and so only the poor, the sick and the needy would suffer if those donations dried up. (Jon Hurdle contributed reporting).
However, from here down it is all me…Bishop Andrew and the pictures, speak a thousand words. And no, I was not molested by a priest. And I’ve never robbed a bank either yet I still have something to say, and here it is…
Some folks will call me a hieratic for adding this statement and doing a riposte of this blog and yet I am so serious about keeping the light on this degradation of my former church, that someone has to stand up for the victims of the churches abuse to its youth. And since the 45 minute warriors aren’t standing up for the victims, than I will.
If I have to fight the whole Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican until one of us cry’s for mercy, I will hold my ground. It seems a double standard that a Penn. State football coach gets life in prison for what he did to the youth in his trust and yet the Roman Catholic priests that abused their position in the faithfulness of our youth that chose to serve the lord, get WHAT ? Mean while, Pope Benedict has known of this situation for around 30 plus years and yet, whats been done? I haven’t seen one of the clergy tried and sentenced before any court of law anywhere in the world. And yet the 45 minute warriors still stand faithful to the Roman Catholic Empire and scream for a coaches head to be put away forever.
Talk about a blind eye or deaf ears I’m not sure what they think or believe in but, they will be the first to stand me up for having my say and calling them out. And yes, that is what I am doing. I am calling out every last one of the supporters of the Roman Catholic Church out and I am asking here and now for them to stand next to me and fight as hard as they did to get their churches reopened. I am beginning to think that somewhere along the line that folks priorities and energy is a bit missed placed.
I’ve drawn my line in the sand. And yet many, many of my fellow brothers and sisters in the church are ready to bow down and kiss the ring of What? A MAN, that’s what. The Pope is no saint, he’s no God, he is no more or less, holier than any other Man, Woman, or Child that has an unfailing love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Besides, I bet that the Pope and the rest of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy put their pants on the same way you and I do. One leg at a time. the only difference is we do it by our selves and he has aids to help him.
The Roman Catholic Church does not fear Gods wrath, but I sure do. Which is not what many are condoning by supporting such an organization as powerful as the Roman Catholic Empire.  So why do the Roman Catholic faithful stand by and condone the actions of the church, WWJD. Tell me. Granted he would love those that love and respect his word and his example, but I don’t think he is smiling about what has transpired within his body. That is the Church, for those that are not religious who may be reading this.
Well lets start at the top and work all the way down to the lowest priest that can’t keep him self in true humility. Or keep his pants zipped up. Which ever fits the best. There I said it. Thank God someone said it out loud for the world to hear. At least that’s my hope by pushing this issue. No more closed room meetings, No more closed doors period. I feel so much remorse for the victims that I had to leave the Roman Catholic Church. I just could not condone sitting in the pew week after week and giving them  tithes on top of it. They were not looking out for the children when it happened and no all these years later, they still are only looking out for their own,
(_ _ _es),  I won’t regret standing before God defending my comments No, No way. Because I fear God and I know what he taught us was not to sit back and condone and injustice. I know where I can find Jesus and it ain’t in the Vatican, that’s for sure.
And the line up of the inept Roman Catholic Hierarchy is just as much to blame all the way down to the parishioner that continues to sit in the pew week after week and then think they are all going to heaven. I say PROVE IT, if I’m wrong, I’ll admit it, but I know what example Christ has put in my heart and it is to defend those that have no voice or at least those that can’t stand up with out being ridiculed.
Folks Judgement Day is coming and it is coming sooner for many and yet like abortion, I’d like to see the Roman Catholic Empire admit they have made a mistake while lying to you the congregation, and taking your tithes and not taking care of their responsibilities. Yes, ladies and gentlemen judgment day is coming and it is on the door step right now for the Roman Catholic Hierarchy… And by the way, just so you know, the mote has been removed from my eyes and I see devastation and destruction if right is not made right and honorable.
With sincere, love as well as regret, for voicing such an opinion,
Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD., O.S.P., O.S.M.
Celtic Cross Foundation Of Ministry and the,
Universal Life Church of the Celtic Cross
is a World Wide Independent Catholic Church and Non-Denominational Christian Church Ministry
“To Ready the Watchman and Prepare the Christian Warrior for Battle”

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