Certain Evangelicals Overreact To AD Miniseries

In an analysis of the AD miniseries, Pastor Randy White on the “Standing For The Truth” podcast split a theological hair so fine that is doubtful that even an angel could dance across it. He insisted that a drama or a painting of a Gospel event is not a presentation of the Gospel.

At best, according to White, such is merely the presentation of an historical event even if integral to the Gospel. As justification, White invoked the Apostle Paul whom White alleges did not rehash these events but went on to emphasize Christ crucified and risen as the Savior of the world.

St. Francis is attributed with saying preach the Gospel and if you must use words. Though with the anti-Catholic attitude often elicited in the consideration of this drama, it is doubtful his admonition will be positively considered.

An important question to consider here is what is this pastor really concerned about. At times, it sounds primarily to be about the job security of the professional clergy and their relevance in the context of the missiological encounter.

No balanced person in favor of the series is saying that exposure to the drama is all that is required to drag the soteriological ball into the end zone of salvation.

If God did not intend our faith to be founded on a basis of history, why were we given the Gospels? Perhaps of even greater curiosity would be why bother with vast stretches of the Old Testament at all?

For while many Christians insist that they abide by all of Scripture, they’d probably tell you that while scarfing down pork barbecue with a big mess of crabs.

Pastor White insists that, in terms of outreach, the believer is better off going to one’s neighbor and sharing what Christ has done in your life.

That might have been an effective approach in a previous era. However, for better or worse, this is an era where the visual will likely have as much impact on the individual as the conversationally verbal.

Furthermore, I am not particularly all that interested in what Jesus has allegedly done for you per say, especially if there is little chance of distinguishing that from transient indigestion (the old Mormon burning in the bosom) or fluctuating biochemistry.

I for one, if I was an unbeliever, would be more concerned if the objective historical accounts detailing the Crucifixion and Resurrection actually happened and the conclusions drawn by the eyewitnesses and their immediate contemporaries universally binding irrespective of ones temporal circumstances.

In his exposition, Pastor White asserted that dramatic presentation of these events are just so problematic in that the possibility exists for the director, playwrite, or screenwriter to leave things out or to embellish that which ought to be downplayed.

But isn’t that also true of sermons and testimonies as well?

What pastor hasn’t invoked Scripture in ways to buttress their own opinion or interpretation to appear as if it was handed down at Sinai as part of the stone tablets?

Perhaps an even greater danger are those eagerly plying the techniques of the “Look What Jesus Has Done For Me” School Of Evangelism.

That approach might be able to draw in a number of the hurting.

But sometimes those accounts are so fanciful that a fledgling faith or even one that is longstanding could suffer profound harm if the individual exposed to these stories does not experience the intervention of God in such a tangibly overpowering or life-altering manner.

Though a single sin is sufficient to alienate the individual from God for eternity, not everyone’s life was as screwed up as the average drug addict, wife beater, or pornstar.

Granted, those that have not fallen into these temptations should not go around like the proud Pharisee displaying for applause how grateful they are that they are not like other men.

But that said, shouldn’t the church also be just as cautious in the other extreme that lavishes increasing rewards and benefits such as book deals and speaking engagements upon the repentant reprobate that can craft the most titillating tale of carnality and debauchery provided Jesus rushes in at the last second to rescue to rescue the teller from utter damnation?

With the brand of Christianity most openly opposed to the AD Miniseries, there is no winning. Such critics seem to enjoy playing an unending game of vocational gotcha in condemnation of those not part of the ministerial in crowd.

For example, it is claimed rightfully so that all talents should be utilized in honor of the Lord and for the furtherance of His kingdom in pursuit of the lost.

However, as soon as a believer or even those inclined to a traditional brand of spirituality attempt to do so through a modality or medium that might be morally acceptable but which might not be suited for a traditional church service, these hypertraditionalists rank among the first to poopoo such artistic efforts.

Pastor Randy White in the broadcast went out of his way to denigrate the accompanying DVD and online studies released in conjunction with the miniseries.

He insisted that the true pastor needs nothing more than his Bible, and not the Internet, to prepare a sufficient sermon addressing these kinds of matters.

Interestingly, was it not the Internet that Pastor White turned to to warn those beyond the boundaries of his own congregation of the allure of seductive entertainments?

In criticism of the AD miniseries, often those the most rigorously opposed have seemed to have more to say about those either producing or promoting the drama than about the actual contents of the narrative.

For example, of particular concern is not only the Roman Catholicism of Roma Downey but that the particular strand that she is an adherent of borders upon the New Age in terms of its beliefs and practice.

But ought the primary concern to be instead the extent to which these might have infiltrated the dramatic presentation?

Pastor White and the Standing For The Truth hosts were noticeably critical of reputable Evangelicals that decided to promote or endorse the miniseries.

Particular ire was directed at pastor and Christian broadcaster David Jeremiah.

White insisted that any good David Jeremiah might have accomplished is undermined and perhaps even nullified by the questionable alliances and affiliations promoting this production.

Does this also apply to Pastor White in terms of his questionable affiliations as well?

At his website, Pastor White admits to being a Southern Baptist though a disgruntled one.

Does he not trust God enough to come out of and to be ye separate if that is the advice he seems to bestow upon everybody else?

Admittedly, the AD miniseries was far from perfect.

However, in this day where the culture is declining more and more to resemble the era in which this disputed narrative takes place, one would think certain Evangelicals would be a bit more pleased that there are a few in the entertainment industry at least willing to consider the only cure for this spreading decadence even if they do not agree to the details around the edges.

By Frederick Meekins

Will Crypto-Progressives Undermine Fundamentalism’s Patriotic Nature?

Attempting to maintain their affectation that they are too cool for school (or perhaps in their case church), the pastoral council of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina in a SermonAudio podcast weighed in once again on the assorted flag debates breaking out across America.

Previously, the leadership of this congregation in the heart of Dixie came out firmly against the Confederate Flag.

However, this headlong march into a globalist progressivism did not stop there.

For the pastor, who doesn’t seem to mind shoving mention of his distinguished military career in your face when he thinks the invocation of such should earn him some due deference, mentioned that he was not too keen on Christians swearing allegiance to the American flag either.

In his tirade, the minister propagated the impression that Old Glory does not necessarily represent the higher values upon which the nation rests but rather whatever regime might be holding power at any given moment.

But even Christians now trying to get their priorities in order while retaining a place of honor for the American flag but in subordination to the Christian flag are not immune from this particular church’s derision and contempt.

In the analysis of a church that flies the Christian flag in this manner, it was snorted that doing so might cause offense and that God does not need a flag.

Should an activist Jew travel by Pastor Sean Harris’ church and not want to be bothered by the sight of a steeple, should his congregation rush to take that symbol down as well to eagerly comply with the tyranny closing in around them?

After all, God doesn’t require a steeple either.

There is nothing in Scripture about churches holding expansive properties rivaling some shopping centers or even small amusement parks in size.

God is perfectly fine with small bands meeting in tiny churches or even catacombs.

Does that mean Pastor Harris and his dutiful sidekicks are going to gleefully applaud the seizure of their building for the establishment of an atheist museum as occurred in the case of the former Soviet Union or perhaps the erection of a gay pride center which might be more fitting in light of the particular variety of carnality and licentious unbelief epidemic to this particular moment in history?

One of the assistant pastors confessed that he was not comfortable pledging to a Christian flag either.

Then shouldn’t we be leery of making all sorts of church membership vows and pledges when these are mentioned no where in the pages of Scripture?

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about a church that is taking such a public stance against the American flag is that on its SermonAudio profile page there is a picture of that church building where there isn’t simply a single tasteful flagpole with the national ensign flying in front of the church but rather at least four or five American flags.

It was argued in the exposition in condemnation of flags that a sanctuary should be laid out and adorned in such a fashion that a Christian from a foreign land (Palestine was given as an example) would not be offended by any potential Americana such as the flag.

Christian or not, if a Palestinian comes into an American church and gets jacked out of shape at explicitly American paraphernalia, he can slink back to his terrorist-sympathizer dirt pile.

By Frederick Meekins

Defending the Church, against the Liberal mind set of Clergy wanting Same Sex Marriage and okaying Homosexuality


Folks again, from time to time I put up whole threads and conversations that I am apart of that I feel so strongly about, that I feel are worth your time to read and investigate. This that I place here today, is no different. Other than that my heart was over whelmed to see fellow clergy denounce our Lords teachings and misinterpret our Lords Preaching to form and influence whom they can to follow them and their opinion as apposed to that of Gods.

So when I could not sit back any more and read the half truth and misguided rants of those involved, I had to act and speak up, knowing it may not be received well. That as you will see, was not my intent. And the message is LOUD and CLEAR. So read it for your self. Thank you and bless you and I pray that it is a positive inspiration for you.

This thread on Face Book was started by one of the CCFM own Clergy, who was only making a point of international regards as it pertains to what is happening to our Lord’s Body and wife, the Church and it’s many denominations.

Sincerely IHS and yours,

Archbishop ++Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick DD., Th.D., M.R.Php., B.D.




The Episcopal Church Decides by Vote to Change Definition of Marriage to Include Same-Sex Couples.
The Episcopal Church (TEC) voted on Tuesday to approve two resolutions that would allow religious weddings for same-sex couples, and to change the definition of marriage in its canon law to gender neutral language. The definition will be changed from being defined as between “a man and a woman,” to “these persons,” or “the couple.”

Both resolutions (Resolution A054 and Resolution A036) also state that clergy still have the right under the canon law to refuse to perform any weddings that go against their conscience. The resolutions will take effect on November 1.

The resolutions were passed first by vote in the House of Bishops on June 30 at The Episcopal Church General Convention in Salt Lake City. The House of Deputies then voted on the resolution the following day of the Convention, approving the measures.

The votes in favor of the resolutions were overwhelming in the House of Deputies. 85 in the clerical order voted for and 15 voted against Resolution A036, which changed the definition of marriage.

In the lay order 88 voted for and 12 voted against the resolution. 94 in the clerical order voted for and 12 voted against Resolution A054, which allowed religious wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples.

In the lay order 90 voted for and 11 voted against the resolution. In the House of Bishops 129 voted in favor of Resolution A036, while 26 voted against it.

Reverend Susan Russell, a deputy from Los Angeles who supports same-sex marriages, told House of Deputies News that the resolutions “provide as wide a tent as possible for the historic diversity that characterizes the Episcopal Church — guaranteeing access to marriage liturgies to all couples while protecting the conscience of clergy and bishops who dissent theologically.”

Reverend Joseph Howard from Tennessee said his votes were based on what he believed The Episcopal Church positions and leanings were in the current day. He voted for Resolution A054 because he “thought it was a statement of honesty about where the church is and that it regularized what The Episcopal Church has been doing,” according to Episcopal News Service. However, he said he voted against A036 as “a vote against good order because I believe it assumes a belief that has not yet become clear in our church.”

Twenty bishops in The Episcopal Church released a dissenting statement on the results of the vote, and said, “The nature, purpose, and meaning of marriage are linked to the relationship of man and woman.”

“We are grateful that Resolution A054 includes provision for bishops and priests to exercise their conscience,” the statement continues, “but we realize at the same time that we have entered a season in which the tensions over these difficult matters may grow. We pray for the grace to be clear about our convictions and, at the same time, to love brothers and sisters with whom we disagree.”

The Episcopal Church has some 1.9 million members in the United States, and has had conversations on homosexuality since the General Convention in 1976 which said that “homosexual persons are children of God who have a full and equal claim with all other persons upon the love, acceptance, and pastoral concern and care for the church,” according to the Very Reverend Brian Baker, the deputy chair of the Special Legislative Committee on Marriage.

In 2003, Bishop Gene Robinson became the first openly gay bishop, and his public announcement stirred much controversy at the time. The denomination’s acceptance of gay individuals as clergy continued since then, and in 2012, The Episcopal Church also allowed transgender individuals to become members of clergy.

Can you spell A-P-O-S-T-A-S-Y?

Will someone in The Episcopal Church please read their Bible!

The view held by the WCICC is not one of condemnation nor is it a view of acceptance. Sin is Sin. The scripture is very clear on this issue that homosexuality is sin.

God will not be mocked by the vote of a council or conference. While God does love the sinner He hates the sin no more than He hates any other sin. The responsibility of the Church is to stand for righteousness not sin.

The WCICC calls on The Episcopal Church to allow for the decision to be reversed in accordance with the Word of God. God is not interested in your vote.

Archbishop John Lupoli


World Council of Independent Christian Churches

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  • Arzobispo Jorge Mtz God condemns sodomy and it is safer to condemn us as sodoma
  • Luis Eduardo Londono Gay Marriage is now the Law of the Land in the United States of America. All US citizens should obey the law or they can leave in disgust. Amen
  • Aderemolu Odunayo Emmanuel This is unbelievable dat bishop so call man of God support gay Married. Where do u see it in d bible?. Let one bishop or prist dat support this nonsense back it wit bible reference; if u can found it, dat means God support it; but if not u are inviting d judgment of God. To all prist and bishop in USA go back and think very well, because; who know whether thou art come to kingdom for such a time as this? Esther4:14.
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    • Luis Eduardo Londono I would recommend that you do not ever come to the USA because you will see many gay people. If you want a vacation go to Iran where they hang the gays, even gay boys.
    • Arch Bishop M. Lall who are you to stop me to come in U.S.A,Government of U.S.A is only Authority to stop me to come in U.S.A. I think you are follower of Devil and son of Lucifer.So you are giving the wrong teaching and favouring the same sex marriage against the word of God.I will give an advise being the Minister of God to refrain yourself and repent yourself toward the God and serve in the ministry of God with right teaching according to word of God.I will come to U.S.A to give you proper teaching of Bible.I will give also advise to join in our Bethesda Biblical Institute for proper study of word of God.
    • Bishop Gerhard Staats The Lord teach us to forgive and to have mercy and what I see here by man of god is painful.
    • Arch Bishop M. Lall Bishop Gerhard Staats,your Excellency and your Eminence.I love you sir and I have great regards and respect for you,I know you ,you are very kind heart man of God.if you are feeling painful ,Please apologize me,you are my brother in Christ.it is not for you.it is for Luis Eduard Londono.if He will feel sorry,I will definitely forgive him
    • Ricardo Chavez Rodriguez Luis Eduardo Londono. I am a Anglican Bishop and a member of the Anglican Communion and participated in the Ordinariate with the Roman Catholic Church here in the USA and I am also a US citizen and we DO NOT agree or accept same sex marriage…Do you feel we Anglicans should not be in the USA also.

    • Bishop Gerhard Staats Good Morning my brother Archbishop M. Lall, I know well that we are fighting for a new open and mercyful church what give the church member hope and love of god. The old testament is not what god want. After Jesus is all new and we have to follow his way of a new world. God loves all his children the same way and he has open arms.
    • Arch Bishop M. Lall Yes my Elder Brother ,Bishop Gerhard Staats ,I am agree with you ,The doors of church are open for all.But we are Ministers of our Lord Jesus Christ ,So it is our primary duty to give the right teaching from the word of God.God has appointed us as hisMinister to protect the sovereignty and Authority of word of God.We can not stop any one in the church for praise and worship of God.But it is our duty to give them right teaching from the word of God.Even New testament and teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ does not permit for same sex marriage,I did not find any Example of same sex marriage in the new testament. The rules and law of God is upper from the law of Man and upper from the Government.
    • Arch Bishop M. Lall Most Honourable Bishop Ricardo Chavez Rodriguez,you are right person,you are right man of God ,So you are giving right teaching in your church.you will be blessed by Lord on the day of Judgement,God will sworn the crown of gold upon your head.He will speak to you,come my son and enter in to my kingdom.
    • Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick Only the New Testament you want to quote, fine let’s look at it together. For your stance in support of Homosexuality and Gay marriage is just as wrong though it, as it is stated in the Old Testament.So gentlemen, please justify your remarks and expl

      ain Paul’s letter in 1st Corinthians chapter 7 – Romans Chapter 3 – 1st Timothy chapter 4 and finally (though I could go on more, easily), James chapter 4.So I ask you again (you so called teachers of our Lord flock), how you can justify the support of Gay marriage even against the teachings of the “New Testament?

      It seems to me that scripture such as these, you will not teach, but selectively the word as you see fit to and not totally our Lords ways and will for His flock.

      I would be happy to debate you, but your minds and selfishness are a vial of darkness over your eyes, mind and heart. There is no room in you for God’s truth. For you have chosen the ways of the world and the law, but God’s law you should rise to and stand firm on His ways and not your own personal whims and that of the deceiver.

      I will pray for you Luis Eduardo Londono, Arzobispo Jorge Mtz, and you also Bishop Gerhard Staats but I do not hold out hope for any of you. It truly will be for God to decide as to Right and Wrong. That is to say if Man’s law be just, or His laws. We will be all judged in the end.

      As for me and my house / congregation and parishes, we will serve the Lord our God and not bow to the evil and selfishness and unrighteousness of mans will over the Lord and Savior. If I could give you all advice and council as with Christ’s love and direction, and that even goes for others reading this, that support the liberal ways of society, it would be to preach the full Gospel of Christ and the saints, not teed-bits which can and will be miss interpreted… (+)

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    • Bernard Eugene Sheffield My dear brothers in Christ. We all know that the scriptures we use are not all that was written and that in the re writing over the centuries many changes were made and many interpretations occurred. None of us can understand the reasons of God for making some people different than others. This is why Christ made it a point to not judge.. Christ taught only ONE thing and that was love. He made it easy and we make it difficult. Through the centuries we understand a little more. Remember there were times when we used the bible to allow slavery, stoning people, forbidding people of different races to marry, not allowing women the equality of men etc, etc, etc. So dear Brothers, open your hearts and listen!
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    • Luis Eduardo Londono All Christians including Anglicans and Catholics in the USA should accept the Gay Marriage that is now the Law of the Land. A failure to accept it creates a conflict with the US Law. As I said before, they may want to move to Iran where there are no gays on the streets, they are instead in the closet afraid of being hanged if discovered. Amen
    • Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick
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  • Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick Only the New Testament you want to quote, fine let’s look at it together. For your stance in support of Homosexuality and Gay marriage is just as wrong though it, as it is stated in the Old Testament.So gentlemen, please justify your remarks and expl

    ain Paul’s letter in 1st Corinthians chapter 7 – Romans Chapter 3 – 1st Timothy chapter 4 and finally (though I could go on more, easily), James chapter 4.So I ask you again (you so called teachers of our Lord flock), how you can justify the support of Gay marriage even against the teachings of the “New Testament?

    It seems to me that scripture such as these, you will not teach, but selectively the word as you see fit to and not totally our Lords ways and will for His flock.

    I would be happy to debate you, but your minds and selfishness are a vial of darkness over your eyes, mind and heart. There is no room in you for God’s truth. For you have chosen the ways of the world and the law, but God’s law you should rise to and stand firm on His ways and not your own personal whims and that of the deceiver.

    I will pray for you Luis Eduardo Londono, Arzobispo Jorge Mtz, and you also Bishop Gerhard Staats but I do not hold out hope for any of you. It truly will be for God to decide as to Right and Wrong. That is to say if Man’s law be just, or His laws. We will be all judged in the end.

    As for me and my house / congregation and parishes, we will serve the Lord our God and not bow to the evil and selfishness and unrighteousness of mans will over the Lord and Savior. If I could give you all advice and council as with Christ’s love and direction, and that even goes for others reading this, that support the liberal ways of society, it would be to preach the full Gospel of Christ and the saints, not teed-bits which can and will be miss interpreted… (+)

    • Arch Bishop M. Lall The Most Rev. Patriarch Arch Bishop Dr. Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick your Eminence ,you have explain very well according to the Bible.I am very grateful to you for your moral support.you are right man of God who is walking with the word of God.
  • Luis Eduardo Londono (Mattheus 8: 5-8.) “Cum autem introisset Capharnaum, accessit ad eum centurio rogans eum et dicens: “ Domine, puer meus iacet in domo paralyticus et male torquetur ”. Et ait illi: “ Ego veniam et curabo eum ”. Et respondens centurio ait: “ Domine, non sum dignus, ut intres sub tectum meum, sed tantum dic verbo, et sanabitur puer meus.” Jesus cured his male lover (puer = boy) of the centurion withiout condemnation or reproachmetn. Jesus cleary accepted the gays. Besides Jesus said “Do not judge, do not condemn”. Our Francis said “Who am I to judge?”. Amen
    • Bishop Gerhard Staats Thank you: beatus vir qui non abiit in consilio impiorum et in via peccatorum non stetit in cathedra derisorum non sedit. sed in lege Domini voluntas eius et in lege eius meditabitur die ac nocte. et erit tamquam lignum transplantatum iuxta rivulos aqSee More
    • David Nicholls A curious and self-serving interpretation here for ‘boy’ (ho pais). It just denotes a servant. The Hebrew ‘na’ar’ means either ‘young lad’ or ‘servant’ according to context. KJV and JB have ‘servant’ in both Matthew and the parallel passage in Luke.
    • Luis Eduardo Londono I agree B. Gerhard, “REAL LOVE IS NO SIN”. The Christian churches should accept the gays without condenmation, because Jesus does not condemn the gays. Amen
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    • Bishop Gerhard Staats I beg you to open your eyes for the truth in our churches. First see that the churches are full of gay priests! Gay people loves the church and they come to celebrate the sunday service. They want to be normal church members to be blessed by their own pastors. Go and talk to God what to do, but Jesus teach us to forgive and I open the door for everybody. We go into prisons and give hope to people there and learn from other people. Go and take gay people for your brothers and sisters and share with them gods love.
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    • Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick
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  • Aderemolu Odunayo Emmanuel D reason why God create man is for man to multiple and replenished Gen 1:28. Now if man married man hw can d fulfil d purpose. This is nonsense, bishop, pastor, prist dat suppose to against they are d one supporting it. Well i am not judging u but; U are inviting d judgments of God. Go and think (hell fire is real)
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  • Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick I agree with several things you just stated here, however, Mr. Staats, but your still wrong.I’ll go as far to say that a “Gay Priest” or any Gay Clergy for that matter will never preach on the repentance to change the life style (stating that Homosex

    uality is a sin and must cease for fear of God’s wrath be falling upon them. For scripture states that our God is a jealous God, and His commandment states that we are NOT to have any God before Him. And that ideal worship and a lustful nature is a sin against His will for them. And that the act of anything mental or physical that is contrary to this is not of God but of Satan and a deliberate sinful act).I don’t care which book of the Bible they take scripture from. Meaning Old or New Testament. All Christian Clergy, regardless of denomination should preach the whole TRUTH (Gods TRUTH) of repentance and that, that is the only way to Christ (a humble and contrite heart), for EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW. There for to God the Father and acceptance into heaven ‘is not a guarantee, especially if man chooses their will over Gods.

    So don’t speak to me as if I need to forgive. For I am the “Master Chief” of all sinners. And I do forgive them 70 x 7 and more so. I’ll even go as far as to say, that we have a devoutly Gay Chaplain on our staff but even he will not preform a marriage of the same sex, knowing that is contradicts Gods will. He is also very aware that we as a Christian Church stand firmly on all, of the Holy Scriptures and whole word of God and Christ and we do not and will not recognize his marriage from another state or even government, to his partner.

    It is a personal spiritual battle the “Gay Community has to address”. That being repentance of their sinful nature.

    It does not mean that we do not accept them into our church, it means that we will not let them have their way over Gods will and direction and commandment to all peoples. We support the sinner and demand that they see the light and truth of Christ and change their ways and accept His ways as their own.

    We do not judge them. For they are already being judged by God as we all are, even at this very moment what we say, what we do or don’t is recoded in the lambs book of our life which we sill stand in judgment for.

    All humankind are our brothers and sisters in Christ, weather they accept it or not. Inclusiveness does not mean exclusion, but it also means acceptance of the individual, not their way but the Fathers ways must and will be complied with. We work hard for all people to learn of the truth of God. We do not sugar coat it, water it down or put limitations or acceptations to it.

    We hope and pray that they all adhere to the true and full will of God in this Life. For the next is only Heaven or Hell.

    Let me ask you, why do you think we are here on earth ? To get whatever we want, take whatever we want ? Do whatever we want ? No matter what the Word of God states. Or is it to learn and live to be acceptable to Gods will. Being found acceptable and in favor of His Love, Grace and Mercy.

    Answer me this please, how can mankind sit with God (Christ) and be accepted into heaven and receive their “mansion” if they know not, of what is and is not acceptable to Him. And try with all their physical and spiritual being to LIVE accordingly to it. ( That is with the help of the elders of the Body of Christ, is the only way it can be achieved for most people. Why else would Christ say He will come and separate the Sheep from the Goats , if he has not already prejudged the individual ? One can not ! And I’ll even go as far as saying, they Will Not ! For mankind can not serve to masters. And that master being their will over Gods for the righteous of all peoples, this is true. For it comes from the mouth of God.

    That is the final choice all sinners and mankind must make while still here on this earth.

    If you or any other clergy of any denomination preaches differently, then you and they, are causing the flock they are intrusted with, to fall out of God’s Grace.

    And maybe causing them to slip into the hands of Satan’s will which will keep them OUT of HEAVEN.
    It’s not my opinion that I speak, but true doctrine of the Holy Trinity for all peoples even of different faiths and beliefs.

    There is no debate. Either you are standing fully on the whole word of God or you are not.

    And if you are not, then you are still in the world condoning the sinful nature over, God’s will and not the righteous will of Gods ways.

    Yes it is a personal choice and one, every clergy everywhere needs to ask and that is, to whom do they serve and what will they preach, teach and live by, as an example for all men and is this choice truly acceptable to God the Father and His will.

    Now I’ve said, all I’m going to and repeat the comment from my previous posting and that being, But the full text to it…

    Joshua 24:15
    But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, other gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

  • Luis Eduardo Londono There are some here that quote the Old Testament to justify their condemnation of Gays. But Jesus did not come here to enforce the old testament but rather to abolish ALL the Unfair Condemnations. To those that wanted to stone the woman He said: ” Those that are free of guilt, throw the first stone”. So, Jesus abolished the stoning of women. Moreover Jesus said (John 13:34-35) “Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos ut et vos diligatis invicem in hoc cognoscent omnes quia mei discipuli estis si dilectionem habueritis ad invicem”. Amen
  • Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick And yet, Mr. Londono, Christ lived his life by every word of the Father that was known and accepted. He did not rebel against the word and traditions of the scriptures. So you sir are wrong as well and teaching a partial doctrine. Causing people to beled astray.I agree with you on the statement about throwing stones. However, all are judged and held accountable. Yes for even the thought of doing so or not. And yet they stoned Stephen and tried to stone Christ, himself.

    Also you quoted two verses and try to solidify your case. You sir are mistaken. For Christ states in the same chapter verses 15 – 20 and verses 31 – 33 should not be left out.

    No where does he say we are not to judge righteously, no where does he say we are to live as we want and do what we want, but rather throughout the scripture, it is refereed that we are to live the laws and ways of God in our whole life. Be it physical and or spiritual. Not the other way around.

    I do accept all people no matter what their sin is, but they will not stay knowing that if they do not repent and change, which is verified by God and men by their actions, then they by their choice move onto say someone like yourself, who will only give them a little meat and milk. Enough to make them feel comfortable.

    But it will be short lived. For the true person who seeks Christ, will see through your misconceptions and be angry with you for not being fully truthful with them. Especially if the only word they get is the scraps that you chose are worthy.

    For no man will be able to stand before God and say they did not know they were sinning unless they are told differently by those in authority. (Meaning yourself and other liberal minded so called profess men of God).

    And with that, you sir do not have authority, but God alone, Christ alone and their Holy Spirit gives it to whom they wish and all others will be kept in darkness and burn eternally. So yes, love one another, but as Christ did not as man says is acceptable and or does unless it like Christ.

    Finally, one more thing. And since you are an educated man with full knowledge of other languages and can write clearly the English. Than do so unless you are only wanting to speak to those that are of the same tongue. But speak so all here in America can understand and that is English. Not everyone will take the time to try and translate your statements as I do… Blessings and peace be with you always and I will be praying for you to have the vale of darkness removed, but it will be your choice to remove it, permanently… (+) And so folks know, I do not rebuutle for my own glory but rather for the Glory of God. For I am not interested in man’s approval but rather live to serve Him who called me out of my sin to teach and preach. And that is with Christ’s love and judgement… Peace to all who have read this thread and I hope you take to heart the true intent behind the banter… (+)

    Like · Reply · 1 · 2 hrs · Edited
    • Bishop Gerhard Staats Good Evening Mr. Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick thank you for your work and informations. So you work with old books and you want to find out what God wants from us or even the way he is thinking? My problem is that I am not so smart thats why I ask him by myself because that is the normal way for father and son. I am human and I can never be perfect, so to try the impossible is stupid, thats why Jesus came down to tell us the paradies is for free, you only have to say YES (thats all). I know why I am here and I live not for myself, because I have to do my mission. I wish you with your church good luck.
    • Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick First of all Mr. Staats, I do not read spiritual or religious commentaries, for they are of the opinion of man’s thoughts. I do however read my bible and the scriptures daily. That is where my Doctrine and Theology and with much prayer, comes from. God inspired, Christ led and the Holy Spirit filled, comes from.I preach and teach the whole word of God and nothing else and I’ve been doing it for over 35+ years. I was raised by Franciscan Nuns in a Convent since the age of 5 years old and in my late 20’s, became a Born Again Christian. Never once denouncing God or my Faith but, took a road in life traveled by many (maybe even yourself) that was leading to damnation.

      Yet, somewhere along the line Christ (using my own choices, successes and mistakes and teaching me His will), put me on the path I am now and it would seem just in the nick of time. I feel sorry for the world of lost souls, that don’t know whom to trust for the truth. But I am sure that over time and maybe in another millennial, folks will know who speaks the truth and who has lead them down the path of darkness.

      You and I may not know that fate in our life time, but someone decades from now is going to come across this thread (maybe while doing research for seminary) and know what is God’s truth by what their world is around them. They will see the answer and change the hand of time back to the true revival that needs to take place in all mankind’s hearts and minds.

      Though I do not agree with you and I pray your ministry never succeeds for Christ’s sake and truth. For I am worried for the people that will be lost because your heart is closed to God’s truth. But I will pray also for you and all clergy that feel the way you do on this subject and hope that before it is to late and to many souls are influenced by Clergy that are like minded as you, that you will see what I have said here is God’s will and Truth. I will pray that Christ will smile upon you instead of saying I do not know you, be gone.

      That is a fate I would not want on even those like yourself that want to silence, persecute and maybe even harm, people like me. A devout follower and disciple as humble as I may be, of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His flock. I will never count myself high or above or better than another, for I am nothing and you have nothing to fear from me except that I will not stand back and allow an opinion that I know to be false and wrong for God’s Children. Then in that case, you know now, what you are in for. For I have nothing to hide from man or my God, Jesus Christ. I am a sinner, I was born that way. But that doesn’t mean I am leaving this world with my sin. For the Lord says, He will remember it no more as long as we “ENDURE UNTIL the END”. And I can’t say the same for the free thinking, liberal Clergy, like yourself. But I will devote prayer to all of you, that I promise.

      God bless and do try and stay righteous in our Lord’s eyes. I know I will be working at it everyday He allows me to wake up and see and experience and try. (+)

      You can follow the thread ar this link…

Is Prominent Evangelical Historian Losing His Grip On Common Sense?

Contrary to David Barton in an appearance on an episode of Kenneth Copeland’s broadcast, it does not necessarily follow that, because an idea cannot be linguistically expressed in Hebrew, it is not conceptually valid.

For example, Barton went on to insist that the concept of adolescence does not exist because it cannot be articulated in Biblical Hebrew.

In that culture, one was considered an adult around 13 or 14 years of age deemed ready to assume the status as such.

The increasing number of ministers that cannot seem to keep their hands of the underaged are going to love that little nugget of supposed exegesis.

In terms of that philosophical highpoint, Barton’s loosening grip on reality becomes even more tenuous.

According to Barton, the concept of rights do not exist in Hebrew.

He insinuates that these ought to be downplayed in the American system with responsibilities instead emphasized.

So when SWAT teams begin raiding churches for failing to solemnize gay marriages, on what grounds does he raise a fuss in defense of those punished for non-compliance?

Do some of these professional religionists contemplate the implications of what they articulate or do they simply spew that which postures them in the most pious light possible?

By Frederick Meekins

Four Out Of THE FIVE Duped By Papal Environmentalism

That was certainly a textbook case of cognitive dissonance.

The other pundits of The Five lambasted fellow talkinghead Greg Gutfeld for excoriating Pope Francis for perpetuating a dangerous anti-capitalist mindset.

The others attempted to persuade Gutfeld that what the Pope really opposed was simply materialism and greed.

In the next segment, these very same media elites who already possess more than the Pope would allow under his regime of global asceticism and income redistribution bemoaned that the bargains offered during Amazon’s twentieth anniversary sale didn’t exactly live up to the hype as they had hoped.

When Gutfeld pointed out that Amazon wouldn’t even be available if innovation was restricted to levels suggested by Pope Francis, he was ordered to give it a break and that he was in danger of hellfire for simply countering the Pope in an area outside of that position’s narrow area of expertise.

However, the only thing that puts you in danger of hellfire is if you believe that something other than calling upon name of the Lord Jesus Christ can possibly keep you from there.

By Frederick Meekins

Crooked Televangelists More Outside Of God’s Will Than Retirees

In an appearance on Kenneth Copeland’s broadcast, Evangelical Historian David Barton claimed that retirement is not a Biblical concept.

Before condemning a concept because it might not be explicitly authorized in Scripture, shouldn’t one try to live up to those that actually are?

For example, in regards to the purveyors of errant doctrine such as Kenneth Copeland, shouldn’t Barton come out from among him and be ye separate?

God might not have intended human beings to retire.

However, it’s probably a safe assertion that the Deity is more peeved about ministers that manipulate their congregations and viewing audiences through outlandish religious claims into donating gobs of money to finance the preacher’s swanky lifestyle.

However, that apparently didn’t prevent Barton from appearing on the broadcast of an infamous huckster like Kenneth Copeland.

by Frederick Meekins