Creflo Dollar Demands 65 Million Of Yours For Aeronautical Swag

Televangelist Creflo Dollar needs 65 million of yours so that his ministry can acquire a new luxury jet.

This is because of an engine failure that nearly resulted in tragedy but which was averted through the skill of an experienced pilot.

With a new aircraft, the ministry assures that Dollar will be able to continue the mission of spreading the Gospel around the world.

In an age of instantaneous global communications thanks to high speed Internet, why is this even necessary?

Savages in Third World sewer pipes have certainly mastered social media technologies such as Twitter and Youtube in uploading their own propaganda.

Are we to assume that these are too complex for the likes of Creflo Dollar?

Is Dollar that conceited and full of himself that he believes that the Great Commission cannot be fulfilled without him?

Is he so far about the remaining dregs of humanity that he can’t fly Southwest Airlines or Jet Blue like everybody else?

By Frederick Meekins

Homeschool Activist Insists Converts To Catholicism & Anglicanism Little Better Than Serial Killers

Homeschool activist Kevin Swanson lamented the account of Baptist twins where one became an Anglican bishop and the other a Roman Catholic priest.

In his tirade, Swanson went off on how could anyone could go from the perspective that the just shall live by faith alone to one where an anathema is pronounced upon those that undermine the role of works in securing eternal salvation.

One cannot speak to the nature of the Baptist church attended by these twins in their youth, but in some of these hardline Baptist and Presbyterian churches in Swanson’s orbit, often the soteriological formulations on either side of the Reformation divide have degenerated pretty much into a distinction without a difference.

Granted, this particular variety of Protestant talks an exquisite game regarding the nature of salvation as a free gift and how our works are as filthy rags.

However, from the clarifying expositions and admonitions of these pulpit homilists, it is not enough for the believer to strive for the big virtues such as loving your family, refraining from sex outside of marriage, and slipping a few dollars into the collection plate every once in a while.

According to this particular strain of Protestantism, you might not even be a Christian if you don’t share particular viewpoint regarding the propriety of denying females access to education, the necessity of begetting more than five children, and the imperative of being married by 25 years of age.

Perhaps more would hold to the liberty that is claimed to be found in Christ if they were allowed to experience the liberty found in Christ rather than being forced into the spiritual slavery found under another form of legalism.

Kevin Swanson isn’t even Baptist but rather Presbyterian.

So how would he like it if some fanatic Baptist raved that Presbyterianism was a slide back down into Rome’s eventual embrace?

Instead of insinuating that your formerly Baptist child is one step away from being a serial killer if they become a Catholic or Anglican, perhaps Kevin Swanson will also give as much time reflecting upon what might have pushed these individuals away from a Reformed understanding of the faith in the first place.

By Frederick Meekins

O’Reilly Plays Stupid Regarding Obama’s Transformation Threats

President Obama speculated that mandatory voting would be transformative in nature.

But in the analysis of this policy under consideration, Bill O’Reilly instead decided to spoof and lampoon the President’s most profound reason for making this suggestion.

“Transformative” is a euphemism invoked in support of mob rule and the socialistic redistribution of resources and property.

Instead of warning the American people as to this danger, O’Reilly wasted valuable broadcast time feigning ignorance by inquiring if “transformative” referred to some kind of “robot thing”.

O’Reilly knows full well that the “robot thing” is a Transformer.

The correspondent did, after all, make a cameo playing himself in one of those films.

This verbal obfuscation means that O’Reilly is deliberately deceptive or more profoundly dimwitted than expected.

And regarding which, to borrow a slogan from his own network, we report you decide.

By Frederick Meekins

Consecrated Widow or Virgin for Christ


Greetings and Blessed Salutations folks,

We have a special notice for this Lenten and Easter Season, and it is to reach out and help widows and single women who are thinking about or feel called to be a spiritual life called a

“Consecrated Widow or Virgin” for Christ.

This has come about due to a life changing situation for our Mother Superior who is now becoming a “Consecrated Widow” for our Lord and Savior.

It is a very, very special calling in one’s life and spiritual walk. It takes a complete commitment, devotion and dedication to that spiritual faithfulness and spiritual communion with our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in this program, that is acceptable and practiced by many in the many different Catholic Church beliefs, as well as Non-Denomination and Protestant beliefs, we want to help you. We have three Church Plantings which one can associate with. 1. Non-Denominational Evangelical 2. Re-formed Old Celtic Catholic and 3. Re-formed Old Roman Catholic. 

So if this is something you feel our Lord is leading you to do with the rest of your life, I and Monsignor Abbess Sherie Mercier would like to discuss this as an option to serving our Lord and His flock.  As well as being included into and through our

Sacred Order of Benedictine Sisterhood.


So that you will have a communion of fellow sister believers to share with and even help if need be and to help guide and serve our Lord and His Church in this ministry.

So please feel free to contact us at our ministries Email addresses, which are as follows.

Monsignor Abbess Sherie Mercier, Vocations Director of the St. Benedictine Sisterhood: ( or (

Archbishop Andrew Manley: (

Ministerial Red Lights Necessary To Prevent Ghastly Church Accidents

In the March 13, 2015 edition of the “Sword Of The Lord”, the publication’s editor Shelton Smith compared ministry to the act of driving.

In one of the the remarks, he observed that one hand must be on the wheel.

He expanded on that declaration by saying, “At the church house, someone has to be in charge. A leader is a necessity. The pastor is the scripturally appointed, God-anointed person to be the leader.”

Smith further clarified, “Many of our churches are sitting idle and getting nowhere because just before they put the pastor in the driver’s seat, they tied his hands behind his back…So let’s get real! And let’s be scriptural about it! Let’s get a driver who knows how to handle the vehicle and let him drive it. Amen!”

Very well then.

Let us be scriptural about the matter in compliance with Shelton Smith’s admonition.

Where in the corpus of divine revelation is blind obedience to the pastor commanded?

If anything, it seems that quite the opposite might be called for.

Acts 17:11 reads, “Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scripture every day to see if what Paul said was true (NIV).”

Let’s continue a bit with the driving analogies.

Despite dealing with her own doctrinal challenges as she navigates reconciling the demands of celebrity and the Christian faith, Carrey Underwood exclaimed “Jesus, take the wheel.”

How is what Shelton Smith is arguing for that much different in kind than the papal infallibility and the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church where those in the pews are expected to keep their mouths shut if they want to be considered acceptable members?

If anything, isn’t the pastor more of a tour guide than a driver that is not to be questioned or challenged?

For is not Christ or the revealed Word of God in Scripture the one theoretically driving this bus?

In the age of the child predator, the fit parent reinforces in the mind of their offspring not to get into a vehicle with someone they don’t know, don’t trust, or have a suspicious feeling about.

In this day where all kinds of abuse (both spiritual and physical) is taking place in a variety of churches across Christianity’s vast theological spectrum, contrary to the impression given by the likes of Josh Harris in his book “Stop Dating The Church”, you as an individual created in the image of God are free to get off the bus of a particular congregation any time you want.

A minister that insists upon broad pastoral powers without teaching that these are curtailed within explicitly delineated boundaries has neglected his responsibilities in a manner not that markedly different than an intoxicated motorist as he veers into lanes in which he ought not to travel.

By Frederick Meekins

After Father’s Sudden Death, Soldier Turns to the USO for A Crucial Assist

From: The Official USO Blog

Lifting the Spirits of America’s Troops & Their Families

Losing a parent can be devastating.

But losing a parent while on military duty adds a new set of obstacles that can overwhelm the most prepared soldier. Army Spc. Austin Hunsinger knows this all too well.

In December 2012, after learning his father suddenly passed way, Hunsinger — who was stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina — had to juggle an emergency leave request, funeral arrangements and booking last-minute flights all in a matter of hours.

When he finally arrived at the airport to go back to Rochester, New York, he was exhausted. He’d been up all night speaking with his family. So he sat down in the airport, fell asleep and missed his flight.

When Hunsinger woke up and realized what had happened, he knew he needed help fast. He headed straight to the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport USO. A little shaken up and worried he wouldn’t be able to get another flight in time for the funeral, Hunsinger explained what happened to the USO staff.

“The USO is always there and they’re always the first people I go to when I’m traveling,” Hunsinger said.

Within a matter of minutes, a USO volunteer helped Hunsinger re-book his flight to Rochester, getting him home just in time for his father’s services the next day.

“That was a really hectic time for me and [the USO] just relieved the stress at the right point,” Hunsinger said.

“[The USO had] perfect timing, for them to be there and for them to help me get a flight and to provide me with a place to rest my head [was great].”

USO Fort Drum‘s Allen Jones contributed to this story.

Pastors & Clergy – Attend the Future Conference for 2015

We thought this was worth passing onto Pastors and Clergy that may have the time and find the conferences helpful. Enquiring minds want to know… ! (+)

Inquire below…

Greetings Pastors & Christian Leaders,

It doesn’t get much better than this. You can
1. attend a world-class conference (check ) –
2. get 3 units graduate credit for it (from Pt. Loma Nazarene University) –
3. bring your family because you will have every afternoon free from 2 to 6:45pm to hang out at one of San Diego’s beaches.
FUTURE Conference is a gutsy, edgy conference for pastors, Christian leaders and every serious follower of Jesus who wants to tackle the tough topics:
• poverty
• racism
• assessing the culture in which we minister
• reaching millennial
• dealing with the media
• religious liberty
• terrorism here in the US
• terrorism beyond (a front row look at our Christian brothers & sisters being persecuted)
• prison reform
• understanding truly biblical economics
• human trafficking
• pornography
• helping your church to minister in times of disaster
• and many other topics
Where: San Diego area – at Skyline Church in La Mesa, CA.
When: June 14-17…beginning Sunday morning June 14th – and ending Wednesday night June 17th
Registration charge: none (offerings will be received) – but you need to register online at

Do it all: learn a lot while connecting with other leaders; get 3 units of graduate credit (cost has been reduced from $1300 to $100!); take a family vacation on the beach.

For more information or for a list of area hotels, contact or call 619-660-5000    x5404

Hope to see you in June because…the future belongs to those who prepare for it.

Pastor Jim Garlow
Skyline Church
La Mesa, CA