Diversity Fanatics Manipulate History Not For Education But To Advance Agenda Narrative

There is no pleasing diversity fanatics.

These subversives constantly harp the shortcomings of the past in the hopes of disgusting the otherwise undiscerning into going along with the pending revolution to collapse what remains of America’s constitutional liberties.

Now, the First Lady of Virginia Pamela Northam is accused of a thought crime for handling a legislative page a piece of cotton during a tour of the Governor’s Mansion and asking the student to imagine what it would be like to be enslaved and forced to pick that all day.

Is not that the entire point of history, to try and better understand as much as possible what those in he past endured?

One must ask then what exactly was it that Mrs. Northam did so wrong?

Try and prompt someone to try and think for themselves rather than reflexively respond in a manner as commanded by social engineers?

A complaint letter — not even written by one of the students to whom the cotton was handed which also included Whites as well —- states that the First Lady of Virginia’s presentation made one of the delicate snowflakes within eartshot “uncomfortable”.

So how is that worse than what the average American feels every time these regrettable transgressions of the past are invoked to justify developments such as looting after unpopular trial verdicts and the expansion of social programs that will plunge the nation further into a debt spiral from which it will likely never recover?

So what is it going to be?

Are we going to reemphasize the negativity of the past to the point where the positive things we do have as a country are forgotten or are we to ignore them entirely because some have so pandered to the aggrieved so spoiled by unmerited concessions that the fawning attention demanded now overwhelms them?

By Frederick Meekins

HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY and BIRTHDAY to the CCM Inc., and the CCFM.

HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY and BIRTHDAY to the CCM Inc., and the CCFM.

Special Notice: Changing of the Guard 03.03.19
Blessed Greetings and Holy Salutations dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus.

Today is a special day in many ways for the Ministry and Churches of Celtic Cross Ministry Inc. and the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry, worldwide. It happens to be the 10th anniversary of this humble servant of the Holy Trinity.

It also is the day that a major but smooth transition takes place. That being that it is the end of my term as your Patriarch and the Founder of the Celtic Cross Ministry and it’s Foundation. Yes, brothers and sisters, I have officially stepped down as the head of the ministry and will go into semi-retirement. Though I will always be in ministry as all Christian believers should be in this life, my health as well as the way that I as the founder set this ministry up so that the position of Patriarch / Matriarch would not be a lifetime position, it has been set up in the bylaws and Canons that the term of 10 years is suffice for it to be a term limit. In this way a new Patriarch can be elected by the Board of Directors and new leadership and begin to move the Church leadership and the Foundation to a new level.

With this said, back in October of 2018, the Board of Directors voted on and elected Benito P. Sagra as the new Interim Patriarch. So that the transition of control would would be smooth and his full in-statement would begin on this anniversary date as the 2nd Patriarch of the CCM Inc., and the CCFM Non-Profit Organization.

To note that also on this date 03.03.19 (H.G. Sr. Bp. Primus +Beneto P. Sagra) is here by fully Elevated and Consecrated to the Ministerial Hierarchy of Archbishop and here by known as His Excellency, which will aid him in the scope and functions of his duties as the next Patriarch of the ministry and churches. His title from this day forward will be (II Patriarch H.E. Abp. ++Beneto P. Sagra) of the Celtic Cross Ministry Inc., and the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry.

It has been my humble honor to serve as the founder and 1st Patriarch of the CCM inc. and the CCFM. However, as I have stated in this message, it is time for me to step away from the day to day operations and take on new responsibilities within the ministry as our Lord has placed in my heart to undertake. For the record, I want all to know here and now that in 6 months I will be stepping down from the Board of Directors as a voting member but be available to Board Members for consultation only. This is so that our new Patriarch can feel free to work closely with the board of directors on any issue they feel fit to address without undo influence from myself. The ministry and Church belongs to our Lord and God, which is of the faithful, and not one mans ideals. I also will be stepping away from all divisions and departments except for the ICACC, CCGPC, CCTK / NATK and the CCTMG divisions and departments, as I help to strengthen these for the continued support and stability of the Ministry and Churches worldwide. Do note that I too, serve at the will of our New Patriarch and will be obedient unto him, as well as the board of directors and to our Heavenly Father.

It is the end of an era but, a new beginning for our Lords Church and Ministry called the Celtic Cross. We hope that, II Patriarch, H.E. Abp. ++Benny Sagra has your full support, confidence and prayers has he leads our Lords mission into a new era of Christian ideals based on biblical facts and the foundation that is Gods will, for all humanity.

With sincere love, humility and prayers, I will continue to lift you all up in my devotions, meditations and prayers as long as I can and always have. God bless you our world, may God bless our humble ministry and it’s leadership in the years and decades to come and for your love and support. Happy Anniversary / Birthday to the Celtic Cross Ministry Inc., and the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry.

IHS and yours,
1st Patriarch, H.E. Cardinal / Metropolitan
+++Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick
AKA: Very Rev. Dr. Andrew R. M. Manley – Patriarch Emeritus
Celtic Cross Ministry Inc., and the
Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry

Reparations A Down Payment On National Decline

History teaches that, when candidates are swept into office largely as a result of promising the electorate significant outlays from the treasury, the particular regime in question is at its death knell and on the verge of collapse.

In an attempt to pander to Blacks in this sort of manner, Elizabeth Warren — identified by Reuters in the account of this policy proposal as White so we can be relieved that the leftist press has settled this brouhaha as to whether or not she’s actually an American Indian — has come out in favor of reparations.

In particular, the Senator is backing legislation that would assist minorities in making a down payment on a house.

But if it is wrong to deny someone access to housing on the basis of race, why is it right to assist an individual to procure housing when it is obvious that the person does not deserve to own a house on the basis of meritorious achievement?

Conversely, why is a Rustbelt or Appalachian White barely getting by as a box store cashier obligated to provide the taxes so the likes of Jussie Smollet, Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson can be provided a down payment on a house?

If targeted populations were lavished with these handouts, would they shut up once and for all regarding historic mistreatments they never directly suffered or will they continue to invoke these in the ongoing attempt to extort additional concessions from gullible and easily manipulated Whites?

Providing government housing to vast swathes of the population benefits neither those it is lavished upon nor the areas in which such individuals come to reside.

The squalor endemic to numerous public housing projects is testament to this truth.

If Elizabeth Warren really was an Indian, you’d think she’d already be familiar with this sad reality.

By Frederick Meekins