” Calling all Souls “

By the, Very Reverend Canon Lady Sherwood DD., O.S.P., S.O.BB.
of the Traditional Old Catholic Church of the Celtic Cross
Parish of St. Brigid of the Dioceses of Liverpool, England…

Today I want to talk about the importance of going out and fighting to save the many thousands of lost or darkened souls and returning them to the Father.

The Father is our eternal shepherd of love, mercy, peace and joy and we are his flock, But just like a flock of sheep in a field we as humans stray and wander far from home. We get lost or trapped and that is what is happening to so many souls. We in the Fathers service are like sheep dogs for our Father and are called to search out and recover these lost or strayed souls and to guide them gently back to the loving and safe fold of the Father.

This is extremely vital as lost or wandering souls just like lost or straying sheep can get easily into dangerous situations and are in true danger of losing their eternal salvation. With sheep the dangers may be cliffs or roads or wandering where there is no food or falling into holes and getting injured far from help of the shepherd. In human souls the danger is SATAN!!

Satan is pure EVIL and lurks around every corner purposefully looking for lost or strayed souls that he can turn against the Father with his deceit and lies!! Satan is cunning and sly and many souls may not even realize that they are in danger…danger of losing their salvation that is ONLY received from the Father.

The job we have as the loyal servants and children of the Father is to find and educate these souls urgently about Satan and his evil ways and about what they WILL lose if they go against our Father. The Father loves all his children so much and due to this he longs for the best for his children and WILL forgive strayed souls if they are brought back to his loving fold of salvation.

So let us do as The Father bids us to do…Let us go forth and search for these souls, teach them about the loving salvation that ONLY comes with the Father and teach them about Satan and his evil ways and about the eternal damnation which Satan will bring. Let us arm them with the Armour of the Father and return them to his loving fold!! Have a blessed day to the Glory of the Father…and let us go to work saving these souls from eternal damnation NOW!!!.

A question on the topic of “Sola Scriptura”…

Warriors, Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, a question was asked as to what my opinion was on the subject of Sola Scriptura and in return as many know, I am inclined to give a response on certain topics. Even such as this. I hope you will read this and in turn, have a better understanding as to why I preach and teach the way I do. So here is my response on the topic of “Sola Scriptura”…

Sola Scriptura
(Meaning: by Scripture alone or rather only)

To help understand this topic, one needs to relate it in contents. Contents to four other facts that the Holy Scriptures and it’s understanding, alludes to. These would be, 1.) Faith alone/only, 2.) Grace alone/only, 3.) Christ alone/only and 4.) God alone/only. Which knowledge and understanding or interpretation of the scriptures is of and comes from each by and through the Holy Spirit.

The term, Sola Scriptura, stems from a period of history of mankind known as the Protestant Reformation, back in 1517 or as some say the beginning of “Western Christianity”, that is to say in the 16th century. Which is directly a result of the now 34 plus thousand beliefs of Christian faith. Meaning it is what caused the “split” of the Christian faith as we experience it today between denominations and belief.

At least it is my personal opinion as to the respects to the understanding of scripture, interpretation and traditions with which most denominational thinking and traditions are based. Such as the Holy Sacraments and other examples which were laid down by the actions of Christ and the Apostolic. All of which falls back on the four understandings of scripture now known as doctrine and or theology of each body of Christ known simply as the “Church or rather Faith”.

The Church today is still and will remain split until the issue of doctrine is resolved by the Holy Trinity at the time yet to come, known as the rapture. The return of Christ which will be to claim His chosen in the Apocalypse known as Armageddon. At least that is my opinion.

However, it is by choice that mankind is given by God’s love to man through Grace alone, that can bring the body known as the flock of the church/churches, back to the center core of belief/faith through the scripture. Which in my opinion again, will be the second Reformation of the body of Christ/Church.

Again, in my opinion it is the “Independent – Universal/Catholic body of churches” be they called Catholic or Non-Denominational, which will be the leaders of this second meeting of the minds and hearts/spirit of mankind, preparing all those living, to repent and turn from the misguidance of man and Satan through their personal traditions of doctrine and theology. Returning the whole body of Christ/Church/Flock of lost souls, back to the basics of the one belief and faith in the “Holy Trinity”. Meaning the core or center of a personal or family belief as to living the Holy Word of God through the general knowledge and understanding of the teachings of the scriptures.

Man has an uncanny way of getting in between the Spirit of God and man himself which in turn, causes the confusion and the impending doom of humanity. Over all else but not limiting it to and through but to include it to the seven deadly sins which are, 1.) Wrath, 2.) Greed, 3.) Slothfulness, 4.) Pride, 5) Lust, 6.) Envy and 7.) being Gluttony.

Which in most cases can and will be the cause of yet, another split within the faith. However, there is hope, grace, mercy, and love of the Holy Trinity for mankind, that will bring calm, understanding and the faithful back to the original banner of Christ, known as the body of the Church making it one, once again through faith, reverence and devotion to Him and mankind.

There is much more that can and will be discoursed on this topic in the days and years to come but, only through the very will, of those that want the body (Christ’ Church/Flock), to know the true truth of God for themselves as well as for the world. This will then and only then be the beginning of and the ebullience or rather in enabling factor to breakdown the divisions that keep the faith of Christ apart from one another. (In my opinion).

Sincerely yours in service to the one Christ, Jesus our Lord and Savior of all mankind,
Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley, DD., O.S.A., O.S.P., S.O.BB., S.O.M.A.
Of the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry and the New Horizons Church of the Celtic Cross and the Traditional Old Catholic Church of the Celtic Cross, Celtic Cross Ministry and the Christian Warrior Network.